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You can finally throw away your cheesy old card necktie. With Jason Palter’s “Twist Tie”, you are supplied with a hip and stylish 100% silk tie. Special attention has been paid to the distinctive and fashionable pattern that keeps current with today’s modern trends, and will still be in style for years to come. You will be proud to wear this necktie anytime, and always have an extremely visual and unique card reveal ready to go. This neutral-toned tie can be worn with your best suit, or even with a pair of jeans and a white dress shirt. You can wear this tie to any event or for any occasion and you won’t stand out like a sore thumb—you’ll just look good! The best part of the tie is that the card back design does not overtly stand out; in fact, many spectators will not even realize that there is a card there—until you point it out in the routine!

The Effect:

This is just one of the MANY effects possible with "Twist Tie":

Your spectators will be sure to notice your very funky and stylish necktie—and why wouldn’t they? After all, you are a man-about-town, and would not leave the house looking anything less than stellar! If they haven’t realized it yet, you point out that there is a back of a playing card printed near the bottom of the tie—it is very subtle—and explain that it is your prediction. The face of the card is on the other side of the tie—against your body. You TWIST the TIE around to show them—however, you cover most of the face with your hand so as not to reveal the value just yet.

After twisting the tie back around, you ask the spectator to select a card from your deck. The card is then held faced down against the back of the tie.

In the first climax, you mime peeling the card off, to show that the face of the card is now revealed on the tie - it's the card that they picked!

As an incredible kicker, the card they picked is turned over to show that the middle of the card is blank, but the numbers above the pips remain— it's as though you wiped the ink onto the tie and created a transfer! The card and tie are now fully examinable!

Comes with many variations, including ones that use regular cards, as well as a routine with blank-faced cards that are readily available from most magic shops.

"Twist Tie" comes complete with custom designed 100% silk tie, gimmicked cards, and an instructional DVD chock full of ideas and routines.

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