Jason Palter's T.U.R.N. is unlike any other lock effect on the market. ANY 4-digit number combination can be revealed with 100% accuracy every time!
No pre-show, and no forces.

One of countless possible EFFECTS:

You display a 4-digit Master® adjustable combination lock that has 10,000 possible sequences, set the lock to a number that only you know, and then mix up the dials. A spectator inputs as many combinations as they'd like—proving that the lock really is LOCKED, and that not just any 4 numbers will open it.

The spectator chooses 4 random audience members, who each call out ANY number between 0 and 9. There are no forces or influencing of any sort, and during this time, the spectator has been holding the lock on stage while he/she dials in the 4 numbers that are announced.

Then to everyone's complete astonishment, the spectator pulls on the shackle and the lock opens with a resounding "click"—an amazing climax that will leave your audience stunned!

Imagine these other possibilities:

Picture being able to read 4 members of the audience's minds, and have their randomly chosen numbers open the lock...Or approach a group at a table and explain that you set the lock to a prediction, and then reveal that a spectator's 4-digit secret passcode to their phone is the only number that unlocks the lock...Or have an audience member's favourite moment in time (past or future) be the only sequence that will open the lock!...The incredible possibilities are truly endless with "T.U.R.N.", and that is why we call it The Ultimate Random Number Lock (T.U.R.N.).

Details to remember:

  • Truly ANY 4 numbers between 0 and 9 can be called out; no forces, so there is a different outcome every time!
  • Can be performed on stage or close-up
  • Self-contained single lock (nothing taken away or added), and no switches
  • Absolutely no confederates, or pre-show work
  • Random combination can be set in front of audience, or even before the show starts if you prefer
  • No magnets, no threads, no peeks, no electronics, no remote control, no buttons, no gravity switch, no timers
  • Reset is literally instantaneous, and can be done in full view of the audience
  • Completely mechanical, and built to last a lifetime
  • Uses a very common looking Master® lock that can be found at local hardware stores, Walmart, etc.
  • Comes complete with specially custom-prepared lock, instructional DVD, and tons of bonus routines.

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